Wednesday, 27 September 2017

Some Parenting Tips for Parents by Preschool Teachers

Most of the parents of preschoolers believe their children possess dual personalities. They complain about the children’s inability to comply at home whereas they do everything they are asked for at schools. Some parents get irritated to see that their children do everything at the school and when they get out of the class, they demand to be spoon-fed.

But then, it is also the fact that children believe in the unconditional love they receive from their parents. They know that they are going to get the same and consistent attention from their parents even if they do not obey the parents. Nevertheless, it’s never a bad idea to borrow a few techniques from preschool teachers.

Expect a bit more
The preschool teachers are often found saying that they see children each of their tasks like pouring water into the glass, opening tiffin box and holding spoons and forks, and hanging their jackets. And as soon as they get out of the school, they jump into the stroller and put their thumbs into their mouths. Hence, there is the need for parents to change the way they treat their kids. Children have the flexibility to reach the bar of age-appropriate expectations.

Let them do things by themselves
When you see your kid trying to do things by himself, it would be quite unwise to do that task for him or help him during the process. The parents can get curious about avoiding the mistakes that child can make during anything he does, but it’s the mistakes which teach him important lessons of life. Hence, not letting him do the work by himself is more like taking away the opportunity for him to learn important lessons.

Don’t redo things they do
Sometimes, parents have the patience to see their kid accomplishing the tasks but they often cannot resist the urge to redo what the children would do. If your child has tied the shoe laces but you are not quite sure about the cleanliness, it’s better if you let go of the urge to tie shoe laces again at that very moment. Doing task for him at that time would give a message to the kid that he is not yet capable enough to do things by himself.

Assign easy part of the chore
Now this one may be a little tricky as you will have to make some important measurements to make sure that the task you assign is age-appropriate, but this task is going to make your kid believe in his abilities. A child who is entrusted to water the plants will be able to think about the things in pretty diverse ways. Moreover, the child will soon be able to realize that you trust him for the tasks he has been assigned to do.

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